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Art and Corporate Identity –  Corporate Art
Offers Attention and Fascination

Artwork and alienations are very suitable for especially resonant presentations and depictions of companies, products, brands and promotions.

Corporate art converts common everyday features into something not seen before. The reality behind the reality appears. Past, present and future of a product, of a brand, of a company captured in a visual. Catching attention. Fascinatig people. That is exciting.

Art in corporate communication: Sometimes it takes courage. It could have surprising and intensive effects.

Corporate art expresses remarkably the company’s character and philosophy, the fundamentals and principles. Condensed in fascinating keyvisuals.

Yes, creating key images. Overt, bright, free-spirited, innovative, performance-oriented, offensice, feisty – bringing thogether the company, the employees, the clients and the public.

Nature and Synergie I High quality art prints on canvas

9 colors, silkscreen on canvas; stretched on stretcher frame.

This is more than the usual image building, more than decoration. And certainly no luxury. In fact a very effective tool to strengthen effectively attractivity and resonance of organisations, companies, people, brands, products, themes.

For example: In an artistic portrayal of a product, an engine, a pump, a screw, a vehicle appears the creativity of the developers and engineers. Also of the operators and users.

Corporate art – a portrait or an artistic manipulation and shaping of a logo – shows the special spirit of the total company. Its uniqueness, identity, character and “DNA“.

I feel challenged by such fascinating tasks or assignments.

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