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Curious to see surrealistic art?
A new painting by Erich Kraft.

What are you seeing here? Always my newest painting. Fresh from my studio in Leimen. Okay, but what are You seeing? What do you feel while looking at this canvas?


Image: title Montana, vintage 2020, rocky mountains in red and yellow against yellow sky

Montana (#274)
2020, Oil on Canvas
140 x 100 cm

“Art is in the eye of the beholder.“ A much quoted smart saying. But is it true? To create a work of art is always very personal, biographical. I paint a picture. Following a clear concept, more or less. Often, a painting develops only during the painting process. My thoughts, my feelings, my moods, my intentions are incorporated. My unconscious. My past history, my expectations for the future, my imagination.

The theme, the colors, the brushstrokes, the changes, the improvements – then there is the picture. On the canvas.

Now you are coming into the picture. Bringing in your own individual personality.

You see the painting. You feel notionally involved. Maybe even touched. Perhaps just for a short time. For a moment. And by now originates your picture of my picture. So, what are you seeing? Is there any kind of a resonant feeling? Everybody has his or her own perception. Thus, many pictures originate from my picture. Art is also in the eye of the beholder.

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