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Art, Business, Innovation, Comm­unica­tion:
in Advertising and Corporate Life

Seeing the new and the new seeing: Breaking through worn-out perceptional routines. Offering new perspectives. By using art in communication you create artful signals.

Image: Art in the office


Art in business is exciting, sets creative impulses and draws attention. Creates a unique atmosphere. You will complement your positioning, your image, your brand, giving it a new dimension.

With art you will release creative powers, stimulating a positive and productive climate.

Art has an effect, whenever it is about the four Is:
Inspiration, Intuition, Imagination, Innovation.

In corporate and marketing communication artistic works and impulses open up options for creative interaction and mutual stimulation. Inwards and outwards.

Fascintation and liking are before understanding art. Response, fascination, astonishment, enjoying the new, which are frequently accompanying art, are often the triggers and catalysts to get involved with a thing, a product, a project.

Image: Art in the office

Four areas where art meets business

• Valuable and particular art presents and incentives

• Original and decorative art in interior design

Art events – exhibitions, openings, performances

Advertising and Branding – art and artistic elements to stage-manage products, companies, brands

A personal conversation will give us the opportunity to discuss the possibilities of artistic impulses in the context of your corporate communication. Art and communication – my advice is non-binding. Let us talk at your premises or at my studio in Leimen near to Heidelberg.

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Let’s talk about
the positive effects
and impulses, which art
could bring into your company
and communication.
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