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Art Exhibitions and Events in Galleries and Elsewhere ...

„Art comes to the people“ – with this slogan I show my surrealistic paintings and bronzes in the context of corporate, business and other events.

Erich Kraft: Exhibition at the Audizentrum, Mannheim 2001Art – paintings, drawings, objects, figurines, actions, performances, happenings and istallations – attracts people into museums and galleries. And many people are coming to the art. They have fun, experience enthusiasm, entertainment. Erich-Kraft-paintings – my paintings are on display in galleries.

But art today is going to where people are. Art comes to the people. Art exhibitions serve to cultivate an image or they are concepts of the particular culture of a company or an organisation.

For example at opening events and anniversaries. A vernissage is often an event for the employees or an activity for clients, who are addressed by this on an other dimension. At kick-off events for instance.



Art is an end in itself but can be much more.

Sure, art is an end in itself – l’art pour l’art. The artist creates a work of art according to his imagination, according to his idea. Which he wishes to create as artfully as possible. Perhaps, even without thinking of the beholder. At times, art is a means to an end. Because, today art has an entertainment value, too. Art is also show. Art is energy. Art generates resonance. Anyway, art is in the eye of the beholder, like the saying goes.

I am glad, if I can present “Kraftkunst“ outside the gallery business, and get into a conversation with people.

I presented my pictures in churches and castles, at software-companies, car dealerships, at banks, hospitals, town halls, at law firms and consulting firms.

Art can stimulate personal contacts with people. Creating resonances. Motivate. Rouse contradiction. Release creativity and enthusiam. The event will be kept in mind.

Art is the strike with the hammer – WHAMM. Art touches the soul. Experiencing art always individual.

Sometimes a vernissage ist he main event. Sometimes it is more of a co-event in a wider context. The goals have to be clear.

Are you planing such a project? Let us talk frankly about the possibilities and the execution.
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Art exhibitions and art
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